Are you building strong relationships online with your target audience through engaging social media content? 

Having an effective social media presence is a great way of attracting new clients or deepening a relationship with your existing community.


Simply broadcasting sales messages can be off-putting. The clue is in the word ‘social’– it should be a place to create conversations and encourage your customers to communicate with your business through the provision of well-planned and useful content.


A proper social media marketing strategy needs a solid foundation - a well thought-out strategy, aligned to your brand, that is closely connected to real objectives that you carry out consistently over a long time period.


I help my clients with all areas of their social media activity. I can: 


  • Identify relevant social channels and the kind of content that would work best for your business


  • Research news stories, articles and industry news that would be useful for your audience on a regular basis


  • Provide other content aligned with your brand values and written in your companies’ tone of voice


  • Schedule content to go out in a consistent manner and monitor social channels to be able to participate in those all-important conversations

  • Regularly review and iterate strategy depending on performance